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What is Implantation?
In dentistry, a dental implantation is an artificial tooth root replacement. During implant surgery, an implant is inserted into the jaw; you also call it insertion of an implant or performing an implantation. This happens without pain, mostly under local anesthesia, the mouth is cleaned before the implant surgery and then, the mucous membrane is opened with a swage. The swage hole is usually as big as the implant diameter itself, which is pretty small and therefore doesn’t have to be stitched. Nowadays, these minimally invasive techniques allow older patients to get dental implants without complications. A typical implant consists of a titanium screw, with a roughened surface, that has been previously treated by plasma spraying, etching or sandblasting. This roughening ensures the best chances for the bone to grow together with the implant. See more on dental implantation in the video above as well as in the videos “Implantology”, “Implant” or “Implantation punch”.
Produced: 01/2011
At least I don't have to operate on the large and small bowels! LOL -Steven Koos DDS, MD
Posted: 10 years ago