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What is Gingivitis?
Gingivitis is the Latin term for an acute or chronic inflammation of the gums. Healthy gingiva is pale pink, shows a smooth gingival stippling, does not bleed and is tightly attached to the teeth. Gingivitis is an infection that occurs when bacteria invade soft tissues around the tooth. Our gingiva is constantly confronted with bacteria and sometimes shows inflammation tendency in spite of good care. The main causes of gingivitis are the formation of plaque and tartar, which contain bacteria that accumulate in the areas between your teeth. But also hormonal changes (i.e. puberty or pregnancy) can turn your gums defenseless to bacterial infection. Typical symptom of Gingivitis is gum bleeding. Many people stop cleaning their teeth because they are scared of the blood. However, this causes more plaque, which can worsen the condition. Failure to take care of this problem can leads to Periodontitis which is a more serious Disease when it comes to handling it. The bacteria initially lead to gingivitis, this process may leads to the development of a gingival pocket. When this process spreads to the osseous part of the periodontium, a bone pocket may develop - bone loss is the result. A good oral hygiene is both treatment and prophylaxis against plaque-associated gum inflammation. Watch the video to learn more about gingivitis.
Produced: 06/2011