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What are Receding Gums?
Receding gums, also called gingival recession, refers to a condition that exposes the roots of the teeth & the loss or retraction of gum tissue. Not every gum recession is caused by an inflammation. There are multiple causes for receding gums: Insufficient gingival tissue, aggressive tooth brushing, tooth misalignment, bruxism, sensitivity, repeated vomiting induced by eating disorders, etc. Please note that gingival recession normally appears in adults over the age of 40, in rare cases it starts occurring in teenager years. Also, this dental condition is progressive and happens slowly but surely over the years. Besides increasing the sensitivity of your teeth, gum recession augments the risk of caries on the tooth necks. A proper dental treatment is absolutely necessary. Watch the video to find out more about gingival recession.
Produced: 02/2011