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Tapered Connection
A tapered connection is a unique connection between the implant and the abutment. Abutments are implant caps that function as a crown base. A conical connection describes one kind of implant: An abutment connection. The conical connection plays an important role in implantology. In this video, we will show you how a titanium abutment is screwed onto an implant. Abutments are implant caps that function as a crown base. Bacteria can reproduce in small niches and gaps and get enough nutrition through saliva and food rests. Therefore it is important to treat the teeth with a well sealing material. A leaked filling usually does not hurt. Nevertheless, if pain arises, it is often too late and a root treatment has to be performed. Please note that you don’t need a root treatment on implants, but tooth loss can occur due to the bacteria located between the abutment and the implant in the so-called plug connection. Nowadays a cone connection is usually offered instead of a plug connection, since it doesn't offer any gaps for bacteria to settle.
Produced: 10/2012