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Root Canal Complications
A root treatment complication is defined as things which can occur unwantedly during or after a root treatment. The most common result of a root treatment is a new inflammation on the root tip. The patient speaks of a dental focus, a root tip resection is the result in most cases. The reasons of the infection which can occur after years/decades are mostly non entire filled canals, inappropriate filled canals, leak canals and leak fillings. If the canal is not cleaned during RTR, thus either from above or from below-thus you differentiate between orthograde RTR (from above) and retrograde RTR (from below) the inflammation will come back again and again.-More on this in the same named videos. Another root treatment complication is the break of an instrument in the root canal. This often happens with old and rough instruments, a good storage helps to avoid that, more on this in the video endobox.
Produced: 02/2011
I had a root canal treatment which was completetly messed up. I started investigating the possible causes and ended up on this webpage. Thanks Checkdent I found a great doctor who explained every detail to me and fixed the problem!
Posted: 8 years ago