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Retraction Thread
The retraction suture is a dental aid to displace and hold back the gingiva from the tooth. This is especially important during tooth polishing, the dental abrasion. The edges of the crown should always be located in the so called sulcus or just above. The reason is as follows: The transition from tooth and crown is the most sensitive part. Caries easily rises since the gap is the weak point. A secretion is produced in the sulcus which has a strong anticariogenic effect. Thus you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand you´ll get good aesthetical results since the transition is not visible and on the other hand the crown passage is placed in an area where it is rinsed with the sulcus moisture. To achieve this, dentist puts sutures before the dental abrasion and has to use a head worn loupe.
Produced: 01/2011