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Positioning Template
In implant prosthetics, positioning implants or implant template are an important aid and are used for the accurate positioning of abutments. The link between the dental crown and implant is known as an abutment. These abutments are usually of two types based on their structures- one kind of abutment is equipped with anti-rotation protection and the other comes without the anti-rotation protection. Anti-rotation protection is achieved by ensuring that the abutment only lined up with the implant in one position only and this helps in handling during a dental prosthesis procedure. However, this sort of abutment also leads to a micro-gap between the implant and the abutment and eventually results in bone deterioration. Although, they do not facilitate anti-rotation, this sort of risk is not there in conical connections. Hence, to avoid the abutments from rotating during prosthetic work, an implant template, which fits completely, is placed on the abutment. In the process of affixing dental crowns, first the crowns are placed on the plaster model of the jaw along with the corresponding abutments. The crowns are removed from the model and the abutments are exposed. A yellow-coloured implant template is placed on the abutments. Then the abutments, along with the implant template is unscrewed from the model and placed on the actual jaw and screwed on. The presence of the implant template does not allow the abutments to rotate and helps in handling. Thereafter, the crown is affixed and the procedure is completed. To view a visual representation of the use of implant template, please watch the video.
Produced: 01/2011