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Pilot Hole Drill
The primary directional bone bore during an implantation process is known as the Pilot hole. During the procedure, a different type of driller is used for the jaw bone. This is because, it is crucial for the health of the implant that the jaw bone is npt overheated, corroded or corrupted. The implantation process has more to it than jist drilling. The bone bed must be regenerated without any errors to ensure that the implants heal fast. The Pilot hole helps the dental practitioner to get a good overview of the present condition of the joint and the instruments required for the procedure. Although it is possible to determine a number of conclusions from an X-ray, the pilot hole helps to accurately diagnose them and come to a precise conclusion. Watch this video to know more about the pilot hole and the various techniques involved in inserting and positioning of an implant.
Produced: 01/2011