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The Pentamix™ is a specially designed mixing machine for the Impregum™ which is a commonly used dental imprint material. a special dental impression material. Impregum™ allows dentists to make a highly accurate negative replica of the teeth. It is one of the most accurate impression materials and hence it is very popular among most dentists and dental technicians. Accuracy is very essential for developing a perfectly fitting denture. Watch this video to see how the Pentamix™ mixer allows the homogenised churning of the Impregum™ material. It is crucial that the mixed Impregum™ material is homogenous as improper mixing may lead to poor results. Although Impregum™ can be mixed by hand; the Pentamix™ mixer ensures the blending is done correctly so that the dental practitioner can obtain exact impressions of the teeth. This video will throw more light on tooth impressions and the different materials commonly used by dentists for imprints.
Produced: 03/2011