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Immediate Load
If the implants are provided by dentures and if they are exposed by the whole chewing force immediately after the implantation you call it an immediate load. Due to better surgery techniques, improved implant surfaces and improved implant prosthetic the immediate load of implants is daily routine in most surgeries nowadays. If the bone bed is not sufficient for an immediate load, the tooth gap is usually treated with a temporary denture, a so called immediate supply. Covered healing, thus an implant which heals below the oral mucosa, is only necessary nowadays in case of a bone set up surgery. Otherwise the open healing is always chosen-the immediate supply, or immediate load. For you it is only one surgery!
Produced: 02/2011
In the cases shown in the video, I would not necessarily immediate load these implants with a torque-type/cantilever situation, which could lead to their failure. The All-on-4 technique from Nobel is best suited for immediate loading of a prosthesis
Posted: 10 years ago