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Dental Impression
A dental impression is an impression of one’s teeth using an elastic impression material that creates a negative of your teeth. The term “impression flaws” is an umbrella term referring to all unwanted complications that may arise when dental impressions are taken. A good impression technique is critical for the creation of dental prostheses with precise fit. Unfortunately many complications can arise during the process, such as air bubbles, the lack of preparation margins or the deformation of the material. This happens especially when the impression material is too old, when the setting time is not adhered to, or when the material is used incorrectly. Today, 3D digital impression systems like iTero may be the solution to all these impression problems and may also highly improve patient comfort. Do you need more information on how to prevent dental impression flaws? Just watch the video above!
Produced: 04/2011
Breathing through your nose deeply when your mouth is wide open, stretched and full of impression material - easier said than done!
Posted: 10 years ago
nice video. i like that
Posted: 10 years ago