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Dental Articulator
Dental Articulator is a tool to articulate the movements of the jaw joint. A dental articulator has been used in dentistry for a very long time now as these were the best tools to dissimilate the complex movements of the jaw joints. But unfortunately, even with the advancements in orthodontic appliances, the articulator has been able to become only nominally successful. One has to be extremely careful in programming the articulator, ensuring maximum accuracy in programming the right setting for an individual. The right setting in an articulator for an individual is determined after testing the movements of the lower jaw through a series of axiography tests. In this procedure, a computer records and analyses the various parameters of the movement of the jaw joints. The data recorded by the computer is then used to program the articulator. Nowadays, multiple axiography tests are conducted, because the test results vary from one test to the next and the movements of the jaw joints are prone to change for the same person. This has led to the abandon of the strictly mechanical view of the jaw joint, which made dentists force an ideal pipe in the patients’ articulator to cure dysfunctions of the jaw joints leading to facial pain and discomfort. The video above explores the use of a dental articulator as one of the orthodontic appliances with all its pros and cons.
Produced: 02/2011