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Cyst Removal
A cystectomy is one possible therapy of a jaw cyst. Cystectomy means the removal of a cyst, i.e. the scraping out of the cyst cavity. A cyst is a tissue cavity that is enclosed by a membrane (epithelium) and may consist of several chambers, usually containing liquid and/or mushy content. In general, the cystectomy is the therapy of choice for cysts in the area of the head & neck. There is an exception in the case of very large cysts or in cases where important anatomical structures are located in close proximity to the cyst; in these cases, a so-called cystostomy is first performed – more on that in the video of the same name. If left untreated, cysts in the area of the mouth, jaw, and face usually grow in size over the years, sooner or later leading to the corresponding local complications. Watch this video to see how a cystectomy is performed. The risks of surgery are negligible with an experienced surgeon; nevertheless, complications may occur in individual cases, possibly requiring additional measures. Fortunately, such complications have become very rare because of positive developments in the field of medicine over the past few decades.
Here you can see LIVE OPERATION Cystectomie.
Produced: 01/2011
Dear Scmcgarry! Sometimes bone material goes through the wound - this is normal.
Posted: 9 years ago
I've just had this done to me, question though. Mine was like the video and the cyst was located in my upper left pallet. I could feel a lump before where gunk built up and used to escape through the bridge of my front lip and teeth.(I pressure this happened because of the pressure built up). No it's only been 5 days since the op and I keep having some rough stuff come out which looks like bone but i assume is the stuff they put in to help the bone form again. My question is, is it alright that some of this stuff has come out or would i need to contact my dentist about it. Thank You
Posted: 9 years ago
The enucleation of a cyst is a very satisfying procedure, especially when you are able to remove a rather large one intact without bursting it. Steven Koos DDS, MD
Posted: 10 years ago