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Bleeding of the Gums
Bleeding gums are the result of an inflammatory disease of the gums. The physician calls this Gingivitis. Healthy gums usually don’t bleed, even in cases of an irritation. Please note that bleeding gums are a symptom and not a disease. The disease associated with bleeding gums is an inflammation of the gums, so-called Gingivitis – more on that in the video by the same title. Most of the time you can treat Gingivitis yourself. The determination of the bleeding cause is the first step in this dental treatment. In most cases, professional oral hygiene, the removal of the causes and patient education are sufficient to treat gingivitis. If the bleeding doesn't stop in spite of proper oral hygiene please see a dentist, or even better see a Periodontist. Learn more about bleeding of the gums in this video! Here you can see a Live Video Bleeding on Probing
Produced: 04/2011