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Arkansas Stone
Arkansas stones are used by dentists to smooth fillings especially after a tooth grinding process. Dental practitioners grind teeth using a rough surfaced diamond grinder. Dentists prefer diamond grinders as it enables easy removal of hard tooth surface and allows minimal heating of the teeth surface. On the downside, diamonds leave the tooth with a rougher surface which cannot smooth out on its own. Rough tooth edges are known to be more susceptible to plague causing bacteria and do not seal well with a gold inlay. An Arkansas stone polishes the edges and reduces the risk of cavities. By using an Arkansas stone, dentist can smooth the rough edges are and thereby dentures are fit better and there is a much lower risk for cavities. Please note that an Arkansas stone can be only used for smoothing and not for grinding as the high level of heat produced during the process can damage the dental nerves. Check this video out to know more about tooth grinding and the optimal techniques used for it.
Produced: 04/2011