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About Homeopathy
The basic principle of Homeopathy is the "law of the similar", i.e., medical conditions are to be healed with remedies that are similar to the condition. Homeopathy uses natural substances that would produce symptoms of disease in a healthy person. It’s often called gentle medicine, natural medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, biomedicine, or natural healing. The so-called conventional medicine has suffered under severe image loss - it is said to lead to an "industrialization" of the patient. People are categorized in numbers; multinational pharmaceutical companies work together with corrupt medics and judge the success of a therapy only in sales figures. Patients look for better medical alternatives for a good reason. Unfortunately, even these alternatives eventually become conventional medicine governed by huge pharmaceutical companies, who only aim for profit. Today, treatment and symptom-oriented medicine – meaning homeopathy – is a lucrative field. Many people believe that homeopathy is something natural and biological while conventional medicine represents the Chemical Mace. These assumptions are completely false and this will be illustrated in the video above. Watch it to make your own opinion on homeopathy! More on this topic in the video "Science".
Produced: 03/2011
I have a friend who raves about homeopathic medicine all the time... Im open to it, just not 100% convinced. I guess with the complexity of the human body, what works for some may not work for others.. also I dont think there is ONE right treatment for anything. Live healthy and always keep an open mind I guess..
Posted: 8 years ago