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Wiggling tooth

User Level:
Posted by: crisso24  (6 years ago)
Hey Checkdent,

I dont know if this is a problem but it worries me! My 2nd tooth on the left, next to the canine, is slightly wiggly? Like I can move it forward and backwards.. not very much, but still enough to feel it moving. I dont have any problems (that I know of) I last went to the dentist 4 months ago and everything was fine then. Still is now, except I noticed that i can wiggle my tooth back and forth. Im getting kind of scared cause I dont want my teeth to fall out.. I try not to touch it, but I find myself pushing it with my tongue now and then. Before I go to a dentist and pay loads for nothing, is this a serious problem? How can I fix it?

Looking forward to your advice,

Many thanks!
User Level:
Hello crisso24!

Anything that causes you to worry should be resolved, whether it is a problem or not! ;)

Rest assured, it is most likely not a problem, because our teeth are flexible- the upper teeth even more so than the lower teeth, and the premolars most of all!

Most importantly, do not wiggle them around with your fingers, as that could lead to a serious dental problem!

Now you know that our teeth are moveable so I would leave it at that!

Don't worry, and all the best!
Posted 6 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: Helenrox  (6 years ago)
Interesting post! I experience the same about my upper teeth, they are moveable, especially when I have a cold! Glad to hear that this is nothing to worry about ;) Thanks checkdent!
User Level:
Posted by: neonguy  (6 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

My tooth is also wiggly after I strongly hit a wooden beam. Will it grow stronger or will it fall out? It's not super wiggly though. Thanks.
User Level:
Hello neonguy!

Following an accident, the initial moveability of a tooth will usually get better in due course.

Nevertheless, I would still visit a dentist, just to make sure there are no further complications, for example root fractures!
Posted 6 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: neonguy  (6 years ago)
Thank you Doc!
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