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Why do my gums hurt?

User Level:
Posted by: tazjean  (9 years ago)
Dear Doctor,

It's been four days now since I noticed that my gums hurt, particularly on the area where the gum and tooth meet. The gums do not bleed and are not swollen. I think it might be an exposed or damaged nerve but I am not sure though and I am desperately hoping that this is not the case. They hurt so bad when a pressure is applied to them like when I touch them with my tongue or finger. Can anyone tell me what this is? How can I heal it? I am broke for now so I cannot afford to go to the dentist yet.

Please help! Thank you in advance.
User Level:
Posted by: wbitt15774  (9 years ago)
Maybe you be brushing too hard or not using a soft enough toothbrush.
User Level:
Posted by: micro12  (9 years ago)
maybe you have an infection?
User Level:
Posted by: amybill  (9 years ago)
Hi there,

It might be an inflamed gum. You have to use a soft toothbrush and brush softly. Excessive force can damage it furthermore. Observe proper oral hygiene. Visit the dentist when it persists.
User Level:
Posted by: starbelle  (9 years ago)
Your gums might be inflamed due to improper way of brushing your teeth. You should brush downward from teeth to gums in a circular motion. Visit your dentist if it continues this way.
User Level:
Posted by: mark45  (9 years ago)
It might be due to abrasion. Gums are fragile tissues and they can be irritated easily with forceful brushing. Change your brush every three months and use a toothbrush with a soft bristles. If it does not get any better, visit your dentist.
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