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White to yellowish coating on tongue

User Level:
Posted by: EBdude  (9 years ago)

I have noticed more tongue coating than usual towards the middle and the back of my tongue. The coating is pale white in the morning and after eating, it takes on a yellowish color. I scrape and brush my tongue after meals though I get difficulty in cleaning the very back part because of my strong gag reflex. I have already tried various mouthwashes; used toothpaste that kills anaerobic bacteria but none of them was able to help me. They provide temporary relief but after about 20 minutes, the coating would come back.

Does anyone know what causes white to yellowish coating on tongue? I don’t think it is thrush. I am pretty sure I am healthy and my oral hygiene is excellent. Does anyone know a permanent solution to this? I think I have tried everything but I can’t seem to get rid of it. Please help! I do not know what else to do. Thanks!
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Posted by: Novocaine  (9 years ago)
I guess it's best if you could have a dentist or an ENT specialist check it. Dentists can usually spot a condition of Thrush due to its distinctly characteristic features. Being healthy has nothing to do with contracting such a condition. Weak immune system, cancer and diabetes mellitus are some of the reasons that contribute to thrush. Most people wouldn't be aware of such existing systemic conditions and you would be better off making sure.

Chronic sinusitis (heavy mucus discharge) can be a factor too. If you ever suffer from one, I would advise you to try saline nasal irrigation and see how it goes. They do a great job bringing down the mucus and relieve the drainage. Apart from that, I would also try Probiotic (the acidophilus varieties with Lactobacillus salivarius) capsules. Oral Hydrogen Peroxide rinses and salt-water rinses are other options.

In any case, this is something your dentist needs to take a look at. Good luck!