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White spots

User Level:
Posted by: tinisha  (11 years ago)

First of all, thank you very much for your great service.

My question: I have small white spots on all of the visible teeth in my upper jaw. They are hardly noticeable on the canine teeth and on the # 2 teeth, but are clearly noticeable on the # 1 teeth. They are also visible on the # 4 and #5 teeth. The spots are only located on the bottom ends of the teeth, i.e., far away from the gums. One dentist mentioned these could be due to an excess of fluoride during childhood (I can remember that back in the 70s, when I was a child, I used to get fluoride tablets; I am 40 years old now); a different doctor talked about decalcification being a possible cause.

Neither of the two dentists wanted to modify them with veneers though, because they look natural [the white spots]. Can I do anything about this through brushing or something similar? And: Once a week, I brush my teeth with “Elmex Fluoride Gel”. Is this harmful to me and does it actually promote the spots?

Kind regards and thank you in advance.
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Posted by: casm33  (10 years ago)
I also have tiny white spots on my teeth. My dentist gave me a tooth paste to use.He said white spots could be the beginning of a tooth decay or it can be caused by an enamel wearing away.
User Level:
Hallo casm33!

These white spots can be a result of decalcification - potentially signifying the onset of caries. The according therapy would entail: an improved tooth-brushing technique, fluoridation and tooth mouse.

However, the issue could also be due to enamel defects from your childhood days - in which case the therapy involves micro brushing.

Your dentist will gladly clear you up on these conditions and remedies; I recommend you find a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry/aesthetic dentistry.

Best Wishes!
LG M.C. Hurtarde
Posted 10 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: casm33  (10 years ago)
Hello Doc. Mario,

Thank you for your information. I am searching for a potential dentist.

All the best!
User Level:
Posted by: neonguy  (10 years ago)

I have three small white spots, and one of them has become sensitive to anything cold. I'm due to have my braces off in a few months after having them for two years. I was told by my orthodontist that to correct the problem, I will need to have some brackets temporarily removed so that my dentist can give me fillings.
User Level:
Posted by: axispoint  (10 years ago)
I have been using paste provided by my dentist and I have been rinsing my mouth out with fluoride-enhanced mouthwash in the hopes of trying to save my teeth and re-calcify them.