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What to do with a baby tooth that won't come out?

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Posted by: littleplayer  (10 years ago)
I am already 20 years old and I still have a front baby tooth. I've been working on getting it out but it has been difficult. It hurts when I try to wobble it. The adult tooth is in my gum right above it but it never got down maybe because the baby tooth is still there. I've tried hard to wiggle it and now it hurts so badly. The gum around it is red and had swelled a bit. What should I do? Please help! Thank you very much!
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Posted by: Manchy  (10 years ago)
How would u knw the adult tooth is right above it? One reason of baby teeth not falling-off is there permanent successor (adult tooth) is absent. When the permanent teeth start to come through, the pressure of the permanent tooth on the root of the baby tooth will help in the root resorption of the baby successor, thus making it wobbly and easy to come out.
Another possibility could be that the permanent tooth is present in the gum, but the baby tooth is ankylosed (by that we mean stuck with the bone).
When u try to wobble it, it hurts so badly,it might be that the root is partially resorped and now has sharp edges.
I would advise u to visit the dentist, an x-ray might be taken to determine the existence of the adult tooth and check if the baby tooth is really ankylosed. A second x-ray might be taken to determine the position of that tooth. u can then discuss ur treatment options with ur dentist depending on ur diagnosis:
1. could be either removal of baby teeth and waiting for the adult tooth to erupt.
2. extracting of baby tooth and exposure of the tooth with gold chain (if the tooth was impacted - not coming through even after extraction of baby tooth).
3. If the baby tooth doesn't exist, ur baby tooth could be extracted and an implant could be put in place.
4. other treatment options
see there r loads of possibilities but it all depend on the outcomes of ur x-ray and ur dental examination.
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Posted by: littleplayer  (10 years ago)
Hi Manchy!
The gum above the baby tooth has swelled a bit and I thought that is the permanent tooth that is trying to come out. The gum does not hurt though. Thanks for the informative reply.
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Posted by: shopaholichick  (10 years ago)

Baby tooth only fall out if there is a permanent tooth to replace it. Yours is still there because you're missing the replacement. I would talk to a dentist to see if you can wait for more time or if there is a need to pull the baby tooth now.