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What causes dry socket after a wisdom teeth removal?

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Posted by: mark45  (9 years ago)

I had my wisdom teeth removed six days ago. My face had been swollen and bruised. I managed the pain with painkillers. However, last night I woke up with a terrible pain. I felt a burning feeling in my right gum. I felt sick. I visited my dentist and he said I have two dry sockets. He put a packing on them and I will go back there after four days to have the packing removed. I wonder how come I ended up with the dry socket? I followed all my dentist's advice. What causes dry socket?

Thanks a lot for your answers!
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Posted by: showmesmile  (9 years ago)
Hi Mark!

You will have a dry socket when a clot is not formed over the extraction site or when the blood clot which covers the exposed bone is dislodged. It can be dislodged by forceful rinsing, drinking with straw or smoking.
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Posted by: Ciindy  (9 years ago)
dry socket is "osteitis" which is an infection in the socket. it is caused by the bone losing the coverage of a blood clot or the blood clot being disturbed sufficiently that at least part of the bone is exposed. It is indeed very painful and is usually caused by suction in the mouth from smoking, sucking through straws, etc. It is more common with smokers. People sometimes say they follow all the instructions and still get osteitis and if that's true, there must be another reason for the infection that is less known.
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Posted by: florante  (9 years ago)
You would know that you have dry socket when you feel a terrible pain a few days after a tooth extraction. You will get dry socket when the blood clot is dislodged from the socket causing the bone to be exposed. Usually this is caused by smoking, drinking from a straw, forceful rinsing or brushing.
User Level:
Posted by: mark45  (9 years ago)
Oh, so I got this when I smoked a day after the extraction. I was never warned about it. Thank you for your thorough answers.