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Unending sensitivity pain

User Level:
Posted by: mcknight  (8 years ago)
About two months ago, I had five cavities field, teeth cleaning and wisdom teeth removed. The bruising and swelling was gone, the extraction sites had already healed but I still have teeth sensitivity.

The sensitivity comes and goes, sometimes it lasts for a few hours then it will go away. Most of the time, it lasts the whole day and it becomes painful. I went to two dentists who both said everything looked fine. What could be causing the sensitivity then? My regular dentist wanted to clean my teeth again. He said he saw new tartar build up and this might be causing the pain. Is this correct? I don’t want to have any additional discomfort, which will be caused by dental cleaning so I declined. All I wanted is for this pain to go away. Does anyone have any suggestions on how can I get rid of this sensitivity? I would be very thankful for any information.
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Posted by: Novocaine  (8 years ago)
Hey mcknight,

From what it sounds and I'm only guessing, is that you are probably experiencing teeth sensitivity. Are you able to zero in on a tooth or is it just all around? Well, you should be thankful that your teeth has been diagnosed to be healthy. Anyway, you could try brushing with desensitizing toothpaste and see if it helps. Sensodyne, orajel and desensitizing mouth rinses are popular options. Over time, it's pretty common for your teeth to wear out a bit (exposed dentin) and thus become sensitive. Meanwhile, make sure you brush with softer bristles and adopt proper brushing habits. Go easy on them!!

Oh and if your dentist thinks you have new tartar build-up and if it's been a while, I'd advise you get it done. Cleaning tartar buildup will neither cause you pain nor prevent any. It only helps keep your teeth in perfect health. Take care!

User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (8 years ago)
To decrease the sensitivity you are experiencing try using stannous fluoride containing toothpaste. This will ease your sensitivity reactions.