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Tooth,gum and jaw pain

User Level:
Posted by: deadlake  (9 years ago)
Dear everyone,

I had an old bridge replaced four months ago. Everything was fine until two months later, I developed pain in my first molar in the bottom right side. The dentist said the tooth needed a root canal treatment and he referred me to an endodontist.

I had the root canal and filling done two weeks ago. After a week, I got pain in my gums below the root canalled tooth. The dentist took x-rays, which showed nothing wrong. He shaved my bite a bit. I still got throbbing pain from the tooth and the gum pain continued.

I also noticed a weird vibrating sound from my new bridge. The dentist gave me night guard because he thought I grind my teeth at night. Since I used the night guard, my jaw has been hurting. I think it is because I hold my mouth in different position with the guard in. I also feel some tightness on the area where the bridge was placed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what can I do with my tooth, gum and jaw pain? I do not know what else to do and where else to go. Please help!!!Thanks!
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Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)

It takes some time for a RCT tooth to calm down and for pain to subside. Your tooth underwent trauma and is recovering and for different people it recovers differently. Most importantly post RCT radiographs show no indication of infection.

Usually custom maid night-guards should not give so much discomfort. You are right if the night-guards are ill fitted you will experience some jaw soreness and gum reaction.

I would consult with your dentist and see if anything can be done to the night-guard. Did your pain subside over this time period? Having the bridge replaces is also traumatic and your teeth need some time to settle down.
User Level:
Posted by: deadlake  (9 years ago)

Thanks for the advice.

The root canaled tooth still throbs sometimes. There were days that I would not have any pain but after a few days, the pain would come back. The gum pain continues. I would definitely talk to my dentist about my night guard. Lately, I noticed that everytime I wake up, my tongue is pushing against the bridge. I am guessing that it does not have enough room with the guard in my mouth.