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Tooth-colored fillings, anyone who has it?

User Level:
Posted by: neoncage  (11 years ago)
Hi all,

About a year ago, I went to my dentist because of a severe toothache. The dentist said, I have three teeth which need to be filled. I went ahead with the "tooth-colored fillings". The first and second teeth hurt so bad after being filled. I could not chew on them. The third one was fine but after three months it's in complete pain again. I consulted another dentist about this and he said, my first dentist filled them properly and they looked fine, but the problem might be on the bonding. He said that tooth-colored filling should be applied by someone with a lot of experience on how to properly bond it to avoid any problem. I cannot afford to get them fixed for now. My teeth have started to become sensitive to cold and they are also hurting. Is it crucial to get them fixed or is it fine to deal with the pain until I already have enough money to get them fixed? Anyone out there who have had tooth-colored fillings who experienced the same? Please help me!

Thank you so much for your answers!
User Level:
Posted by: ozonepure  (11 years ago)
I also read somewhere that tooth colored fillings should be placed meticulously. When it is poorly placed, it will develop a new decay under it. I'd rather have this checked right away. It seems you have an untreated cavity. I recommend having it treated as soon as possible before it gets worse.

I hope I helped.
User Level:
Posted by: compass  (11 years ago)
I also have a tooth colored filling and I regret having it. I was told that the sensitivity it caused lasts for years. Is this true? Please advice. Thank you.
User Level:
Posted by: tommy1  (11 years ago)
Hi Neoncage,

If your tooth is hurting, there might be a cavity underneath the filling. Have it checked by your dentist asap. Based on
my experience, tooth-colored fillings do not last long and I had sensitivity for a long time. I ended up with a root
canal. I hope this helps.:-)
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