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Tooth with old filling chipped off

User Level:
Posted by: kodakguy  (9 years ago)

I have a tooth with an old silver filling in it. Last night, I was playing with my 2-year old son and he accidentally bumped into my mouth and part of my tooth with a filling chipped off. Aside from a very slight pain, my tooth feels fine.

I do not have health insurance, so is it okay to live with it?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Posted by: Manchy  (9 years ago)
It really depends on how deep the filling was.
a very slight pain could be either dentine (second layer of tooth) sensitivity or pulpal (nerve) reaction to stimulants.
Again depending on the fracture, type, whether it's above or below gum line, all these determine wat is the diagnosis, therefore the treatment required.
I would advise u to go and see a dentist as the treatment might be as simple as just filling it or ur tooth might need root canal treatment (although, in ur case, there is nothing suggesting this possibility).
My suggestion would be try to fix it now to avoid any complications later, the sooner u see ur dentist the better.

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It is not advisable to leave bare dentin open in the oral environment for long periods. A pin-retained amalgam may be an economical alternative to a crown.

Kim Henry, D.M.D.
Posted 9 years ago