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Tooth root and jawbone exposed

User Level:
Posted by: priva8practice  (9 years ago)
I am 27 years old female and my wisdom teeth were only removed three days ago by my regular dentist. It was a tough extraction; all of them had to be removed in pieces. When the anesthesia wore off, I was in so much pain. I’ve been in Vicodin round the clock. I thought I had dry socket so I went back to the dentist. When she put the packing in, the pain was terrible, I almost passed out. The dentist removed it and checked my mouth. She then found out that there was an exposed bone on the top left extraction site and the root of the second molar was also exposed. She told me to wait for the skin to grow back over the exposed bone. She put the gauze back in, gave me stronger painkillers and sent me home. The pain was unbearable. The painkillers did not help much. What should I do? I really need some advice. Please help!
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Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)

You must be in great big deal of discomfort. Your extractions should have been referred to an oral surgeon instead.

My concern with the exposed jaw bone and molar roots is that yes, soft tissue will grow back but what about the attachment apparatus know as the periodontal ligaments? You will get repair but not regeneration of PDL unless a periodontist treats the root surface with Emdogain to allow the stem cells do regenerate the PDL apparatus.

The pain will only subside with time and the older you are when wisdom teeth are extracted the more painful the process is.

Consult with a periodontist and rinse your mouth with war salt water to prevent infections.
User Level:
Posted by: priva8practice  (9 years ago)
She's my dentist for 12 years and she performs extractions that's why I allowed her to do it for me.:-(( Is the treatment for this with the periodontist complicated? I've been absent from work since the extraction and I can't afford to take any more time off. Thank you for replying.
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
I am sorry to hear about that, but only a consultation and thorough evaluation can tell the extend of perio involvement. You can just go in for a consultation to see if it has to be addressed immediately or it can wait. You are very young and the best option is to minimize further complications during the road. Are you feeling any better?