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Tooth fistulas

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Posted by: inzerillo  (10 years ago)

Yesterday I saw a dentist because I’m suffering from suppurations again and have been living with broken root fragments for many years.

It was swollen again, there was a bit of pain, and there was a “sack” – that’s what I call it – secreting pus again. Besides that, a little bit further up, something similar has developed and it’s secreting something every now and then. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t. On the outside of the cheek, there is a kind of duct or swollen blood vessel that I can feel when I press or touch it with my finger. I am afraid that this is an important vein that could possibly burst. I don’t know how to describe it properly. I call it a duct because that’s what it feels like from the outside – like a vein that is well-supplied with blood and thus gets thicker and sometimes has papules in the direction of the “sack.” All of this is located on the right side of the lower jaw.

Yesterday he checked and tapped inside my mouth to see whether I would feel anything. There was no pain when he was tapping yesterday. He said that he will make a panorama in order to see whether it’s a large fistula that I’ve had for many years, and if it’s located in the bone or not. That’s how my friend described it to me, since I don’t understand the language very well. He said he cannot do anything about it, since it might tear and flood the body with bacteria.

This caused me to panic again; that’s how serious it is, how dangerous.

He mentioned antibiotics and then to wait and see.

I have been prescribed antibiotics several times in the past for this very tooth in the lower jaw, but the sack itself has not disappeared and it is still there. Sometimes it is empty, but it has remained. Since I’d never been able to visit a dentist, it had always been done that way, just silenced with antibiotics. There have been secretions every now and then. I was lucky, so to speak. This has lasted for years.

Now I am very afraid that this is all very dangerous, that he cannot do anything, and that an injection will not help at all.

[I am also afraid] that he would inadvertently do something to this weird duct/vein and that I could bleed to death.

Doctors are not perfect either and can overlook something, and I’m considered a tourist here who nobody about cares much.

I plan to go to Vienna in October, but I am afraid that my teeth will not last that long and/or that I will die since it’s getting worse and enters the bloodstream. I just live with this mortal fear now that anything could happen and that no one will be able to help me anymore because an operation would be too dangerous or complicated for the doctors here in Italy and they would botch it up!

I am very desperate and afraid!