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Tooth extraction 16

User Level:
Posted by: reyna  (9 years ago)

On July 13th, one of my teeth was pulled. At first, everything was fine. Then, on July 15th, I went to the check up appointment and the dentist noticed that a piece of the root had remained in my tooth socket. She said that the piece was not inflamed and that she would remove it after her vacation.

As luck would have it, the spot (up at the level of the root of the tooth) began to hurt, so I visited a local dentist who removed this retained root and scraped the wound again. This was on July 20th. During the procedure, he mentioned that it would not bleed much. That evening, I went to work (retirement home) and I did not feel any pain. I don’t feel any now, but when I went to the check-up appointment on Thursday, my dentist said that the blood clot was very small. However, as I said, I do not feel any pain, except for the spot of the inflamed and no longer present root. That spot still hurts a little and is still swollen as I have noticed when I move my finger over it. He prescribed Clinda 300. I don’t believe it has any effect. Could it possibly be normal that the spot still hurts and is still swollen??? How can I speed up the healing process? In three weeks I will go on vacation and I’m afraid that this crap will mess everything up.

Thank you very much in advance.


User Level:
Posted by: shannon  (8 years ago)

I had a tooth extracted last month. I still have pain and gum inflammation. The dentist put a medication inside the extraction hole to make it heal more quickly.