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Tooth ache or not?

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Posted by: amiieey  (9 years ago)
Recently, I had both of my back molars (the very back of my mouth, two top molars, 3-5 weeks ago) filled with silver fillings. They must've been big because they took 1 and a half hour of time in the dentist's office to fill.

Either way, this week, it began to be sore/uncomfortable. I have a big overbite, and I possibly grind my teeth during my sleep. I have had a lot of cavities in my past but I have been flossing a lot recently and brushing well, electric tooth brush and all. I have had a root canal before but it was on my bottom row of teeth and far from here, it doesn't hurt either.

When I floss, three of my molars (back left, top upper back left, right upper left) smell funny, or just smell.. bad. My lower right does not, for some reason. I floss here everyday and yet it smells terrible each time. It causes my mouth to smell bad at times too. Those places do not hurt. But my top left upper molar hurts, and the one on upper right does slightly too.

Why? I don't understand why it'd be an abscess or such if it had just gotten filled. Though I understand the possibility.

Also, my dentist claimed that my wisdom teeth are coming in- I have five. One extra supernumerary tooth on my left. I discussed with an oral surgeon, he claimed the bottom wisdom teeth would damage my teeth, but he didn't really say anything about my top ones coming in. I am young and so these tooth will not fit in my mouth, there's no room, I have history of supernumerary teeth too, two pulled out. I have not pulled out any wisdom teeth yet.

Everytime I bite there- it just makes my face cringe up like I bit into something sour, or overly sweet, or something. It's a dull pain, not even pain if I think hard- just a nuisance.

I really don't want to go through a root canal. If I do have to again, I'm finding a new dentist because I don't know why he can't detect it earlier.

If anyone could give me some help, please advise what to do! Is it wisdom teeth or something else? Please help. Thank you.
User Level:
If there be a possibility of a root canal it would have showed up on the X-ray. If the cavity has developed after your fillings - then you would have some discomfort or pain. Since you have neither pain nor sensitivity it is unlikely to be a root canal situation(though the possibility is not entirely ruled out). The tooth which hurts may have had a deep cavity which the dentist has tried to treat by filling - however if it continues to hurt then it is a case for a root canal. There is also the possibility that the filling is just a little high which may be the reason it is hurting.

The bad smell likely is just a case of food lodgment. Since you claim that you didn't have this problem prior to the fillings - it may be that the fillings themselves are a little over contoured or there is an overhang or there remains a gap between two teeth where food is constantly trapped. This would explain the foul odor as well as the floss smelling bad.

My advice would be to go back to the dentist and have a complete examination done again. It may just require a few adjustments tot he existing fillings. If not - it is better you find out whats to be due at this stage.
Posted 9 years ago