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Tips on recovering from wisdom teeth extraction

User Level:
Posted by: megan23  (11 years ago)
Hello there!

I got my four wisdom teeth pulled out this morning. Ten hours had already passed but I have not eaten anything yet, it hurts when I swallow. I am afraid to eat or drink anything because the stiches may tear apart. I cannot take the painkillers without anything on my stomach. I am in complete pain right now. Can you please give me some tips on how can I quickly recover from wisdom teeth extraction? Can I remove the gauze now since the bleeding has already stopped?

Your answers are greatly appreciated!
User Level:
Posted by: tooth5  (11 years ago)
Hi Megan!

You can eat yogurt or anything soft. You should have taken the medicines they gave you as directed to ease the pain. You can take the gauze out as long as it does not bleed anymore. As for other tips, do not rinse for the first 24 hours as it can stop your gum from clotting and when you do, use lukewarm water with salt and do it gently. Do not use mouthwash.

I wish for your fast recovery.:-)
User Level:
Posted by: timmy14  (10 years ago)
Hello Megan,

After a day, rinse with lukewarm salt water. This help prevent infection. No to mouthwash! Stay away from solids for the first 24 hours. Do not smoke and do not drink from straw, these can lead to dry sockets. I hope this helps!
User Level:
Posted by: writerslife  (10 years ago)
Hello Megan!

Rinse with salt water. This keeps the hole clean and it prevents infection.Do it gently though to avoid washing away the blood clot. Take the pain meds they give you as directed. Avoid any physical activity which requires much effort for a few days.
User Level:
Posted by: littleashley  (10 years ago)
Hi Megan!

Do not smoke, this can disturb the healing process.

Do not let food particles get into the socket, this can allow bacteria to set in which leads to infection.