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Temporary tooth filling, anyone who has it?

User Level:
Posted by: speedlink  (9 years ago)
Hi there!

One of my teeth was filled a few years ago. Last month it became painful and an emergency dentist took the filling out. He found a decay under it and told me I would be needing a root canal treatment. He drilled the decay out and he put a temporary filling on it. When I visited my regular dentist, he said he'd need to replace it with a
permanent/replacement filling. It was no longer painful after a few weeks. I am confused now as to who is right between the two dentists who checked my tooth. Anyone who's into temp filling? Will I get numb if the temporary filling is taken out? Your answers are highly appreciated.
User Level:
Posted by: livelong  (9 years ago)

The treatment finished off with a temporary filling and since it is temporary, it needs to be removed. If it was just decay and not an infection then there is no reason to do a root canal treatment. You will be numbed for the removal of the temporary filling
User Level:
Posted by: Ciindy  (9 years ago)
I disagree with livelong! It sounds to me like the dentist drilled out the decay and diagnosed that you would need a root canal. One can only assume the decay went into the nerve. At that point he put a temp filling on it.

Then you go to another dentist, the decay is gone, the pain is gone, he doesn't see the same thing as the first dentist so he thinks all you need is a filling. He/she will probably numb you up, take out the temp filling and also find that the decay went into the nerve - why didn't you just go get the root canal?

You're playing with fire. the pain goes away for awhile but it always comes back!!!!!
User Level:
Posted by: frogieguy  (9 years ago)
The nerve had a chance to either heal up or die when all the decay was removed before the temporary filling was placed. You can have the dentist do a vitality test on your tooth.
User Level:
Posted by: liljie  (9 years ago)
I would go with the root canal treatment to clean the inside of the tooth, repair it and save it.