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Swollen Face After Extraction

User Level:
Posted by: Newgang  (9 years ago)

So, five months ago, I had my wisdom teeth pulled and ever since this was done, the right side of my face has been swelling. My bottom right wisdom tooth didn’t come out in one piece. It really hurt bad when it was pulled because it could not be numbed. I also get headache sometimes. Any ideas what could this be? I can’t it and sleep well. Thanks.
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
Hello. It may be that you still have chronic infection going on after the extraction of the wisdom tooth. Did you go back to the dentist for follow up of the healing process? You best option is to visit your dentist and have them take a x-ray of the extraction area to evaluate the state of the extraction area and the surrounding bone health as well as visually assess your swollen face and gum tissue.