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Stitches after wisdom tooth removal came out

User Level:
Posted by: jjules  (10 years ago)
Hi all,

It's been five days since I had my impacted wisdom tooth extracted. The surgery went well and there is no any complication after the procedure. I rinse four times a day with warm water with salt. When the swelling subsided, the stiches were pretty loose. While ago, when I ran my tongue over the incision, the stitches came out. When I looked at it, there's still a hole. I started to feel a little pain from where the tooth was pulled when the stitches came out. Is this normal? Or do I have to call my dentist?

Please help!
User Level:
Posted by: geo345  (10 years ago)

I have the same experience. It's pretty normal. The gauze will dissolve on their own. There is nothing to worry about as long as there is a blood clot in it.
User Level:
Posted by: chiptooth  (10 years ago)
Hi Jules,

It's normal. Just follow the dentist's instruction. The wound will fill in, though it takes time sometimes but you will be fine.
User Level:
Posted by: jeena45  (10 years ago)
Hello Jules!

The stitches fall on their own. Try to rinse with warm water with salt to help heal the wound and to flush out food debris stuck on the hole. But do it gently to avoid dislodging the blood clot.