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Side effects of teeth whitening

User Level:
Posted by: mtassignie  (9 years ago)

When I was a teenager, I was on a medicine for my breathing problem. My teeth turned yellow, which is one of the side effects of the medicine I've been taking. I got braces for two years but it did not make any difference on my teeth. There's this dentist who offered me some kind of teeth whitening procedure where I have to wear the tray to whiten my teeth. I'm guessing it's some kind of bleach. I am wondering of its side effects. Will it erode my enamel or can it cause sensitivity? I would really like to know before I make an appointment with the dentist. Thanks.
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Posted by: Ciindy  (9 years ago)
There's not really enough info here about the medicine you were taking to cause the yellowing. that can be a factor in whether bleaching will work or not. It's possible that it won't work. Bleaching will open up the pores in your teeth and that CAN make them more sensitive. Most if not all dentists know what to recommend to decrease the sensitivity. You may want to do the in-house bleaching (try looking in your town for Sinsational Smile bleaching) done at a lower percentage and for a shorter period of time - 20"- with great results. No I don't work for them but I do work for a dentist. ;-)
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Posted by: openplace  (9 years ago)
Bleaching can weaken the enamel and it can make the teeth sensitive.Your dentist will know what teeth whitening method is best for you.
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Posted by: imluisa  (9 years ago)


The teeth will become more sensitive for a couple of days but it goes away. If you keep doing it, it will make the enamel thinner.
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Posted by: Ciindy  (9 years ago)
In all the things I've read and heard in a dental office, that bleaching will make the enamel thinner is not one of them. I don't believe it will ever change the thickness of the enamel. It CAN make teeth more sensitive by opening the pores but the pores will close up again and the sensitivity will 99% of the time, go away.
User Level:
Posted by: missnicky  (9 years ago)
People who constantly bleach can have a transparent enamel but it's only the appearance that is affected, not the actual volume of the enamel.