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Should I be concerned with too big crowns?

User Level:
Posted by: pinkribbon  (6 years ago)
Hey there!

I got two crowns for my upper teeth three years ago. When I first got them, I noticed that they were too big but I did not go back to the dentist to have them replaced. I thought it’s not a big deal then I got used to the size.

When I went to a new dentist today for dental cleaning, she said my crowns are extremely big. She advised me to have them replaced as big crowns lead to gum disease.

Is this true? Should I have them replaced? The crowns did not give me any problems or discomfort since they were placed; they were just big. Please let me know if the size would cause me any problems in the future. Thanks.
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Posted by: ghnane  (6 years ago)
Hello pinkribbon,

When you say big crowns it may mean two things one being that they do not look nice esthetically or that the margins are exaggerated and irritate your gums. If for three years you did not have gingival inflammation, soreness, redness then chances are the margins are fine under your gum and the outlining crowns are not esthetically pleasing. Sometimes over-contoured crowns are more likely to trap food between the teeth making oral hygiene difficult.

If you choose to have them removed to achieve more natural look you must consider the fact that your teeth underneath may become symptomatic due to removal of the current crowns and preparing for new crowns.
Re-crowning will require additional charges perhaps you can consult back with the dentist you originally put those crowns are and inform him of your dissatisfaction.