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Sharp pain from chipped teeth

User Level:
Posted by: reinrein  (9 years ago)
Dear everyone!

I have two chipped teeth from childhood. They never gave me any problem until recently, they
started to become sensitive. I feel a sharp pain when I try to bite on these teeth. Sometimes, the
pain shoots up my teeth and into my gums when I breath in cold air.

How do I stop this? Could this be a cavity? Please help!
User Level:
Posted by: inpain34  (9 years ago)

The nerves of the chipped teeth may have been irritated. You have to get crowns or fillings over the chipped teeth to strenghten them. If the nerves are exposed, they will be prone to infection.
User Level:
Posted by: toothmaster  (9 years ago)
Hi Rein!

The crack might be spreading which causes the nerve to get irritated. You may need a root canal and a crown.