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Severe pain and swelling 3days after wisdom tooth extraction

User Level:
Posted by: BobNArdy  (8 years ago)
Dear Doc!

I've got my abscessed wisdom tooth (upper right) removed three days ago. The extraction was quick and easy. The dentist prescribed me penicillin before I left his clinic. When the anesthesia wore off, I began to have pain on my upper right jaw. I can't open my mouth that much so eating is hard. I also experienced some moderate numbness in my chin, it's just a little numb and I'm hoping it will go away.

This morning when I woke, it seemed to have gotten worse. I have a big swelling on the right side of my face. My gums felt stiff. I can't hardly open my mouth and I cannot eat anything. The pain seems to be increasing in intensity. I am taking painkillers together with the antibiotics but they don't seem to be of much help. I have been putting heat on my very swollen face but it's not helping either.

Do you think that I may have either an infection or dry socket and I need to see the dentist now or is this normal considering that it is still the 3rd day and I should wait it out and it will probably get better? Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Posted by: ghnane  (8 years ago)
Dear BobNardy,
I suggest for you to wait at lest a week. It is very common to experience sever pain, swelling and discomfort 1 week post wisdom tooth extraction. Your body will soon calm down after the surgery and everything will recede and go back to normal. Please try to maintain a good oral hygiene by rinsing throughout your recovery. Best of luck.
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Posted by: BobNArdy  (8 years ago)
Thanks so much Ghnane for your comforting advice!