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Severe Jaw Pain/Numbness after wisdom teeth removal

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Posted by: mimija09  (9 years ago)
I had 3 wisdom teeth and one molar out (the fourth wisdom tooth never formed) 10 days ago. I've been back to the oral surgeon since then and he says everything seems to be healing fine but won't tell me why my chin and lower lip are numb and what is causing the severe pain from my canine teeth back on my lower jaw. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen do not help the pain. I've tried ice and heat on my jaw and nothing seems to work at all. How long should I be in this much pain? It goes up the side of my head into my ears and down into my throat as well. Could it be nerve damage? Thanks for any input.
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Hello mimija09!

It could be a case of nerve damage suffered during the operation, however I think your dentist would have let you know if this were the case; withholding that information makes no sense as you would feel it if that were the case.

It could also be due to the wound healing process; immediately after the operation the wound tends to bleed profusely, this then leads to a so-called haematoma. If this presses against the nerve then you can experience discomfort and painful sensations as well as numbness in the lower lip and jaw area.

This condition can take a while to subside, sometimes several months. Ideally you should have a word with your dentist regarding your issues; s/he should be able to shed more light on the matter!

All the best!
Liebe Grüße JB
Posted 9 years ago
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Posted by: mimija09  (9 years ago)
I went back to the dentist today (not the oral surgeon but the dentist that referred me to them) and found out that I do have dry socket - that has probably been there since the surgery - though the dentist did not seem to understand why the oral surgeon did not notice/treat it. Glad I didn't listen to the oral surgeon and went for a second opinion. The pain was unbearable and I didn't feel it was right. The dentist did say that if the numbness in my chin does not subside in the next three days (with the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication I've been prescribed) that I should call the oral surgeon back and demand that they see me again. Not completely sure I want to go back to an oral surgeon that couldn't tell I had dry socket but I suppose I'll have to do what I have to do. Thank you for the information!