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Root canal treatment – and now, what?

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Posted by: marnie  (11 years ago)
Hello and good evening

I have just spent two hours reading all kinds of things about root canal treatments and I’m slowly reaching the conclusion that in my case, pretty much everything has gone wrong.

Two years ago, a cavity in my #3 tooth on the right side of my lower jaw (after my Internet research, I would say it is #46, since I do not have any wisdom teeth) was closed with a filling.

Now the filling has collapsed and, a few days later, has fallen out completely. So I went to my dentist, who did not do much, other than perform a quick rinse and press some white paste into the tooth and set a new appointment. Unfortunately, this white paste has already fallen out after five days, although I neither bit on it nor brushed it hard with my electrical toothbrush. So, another five days walking around with a cavity in my mouth... By the way, it did not hurt at all.

For the next appointment, I was hoping to get a new filling – but guess what? One peek into the mouth, then an X-ray and an injection. Then he drilled around in my mouth like a madman and slapped something else into the cavity again (unfortunately, my dentist is not exactly the talkative type).

Then he sent me home to let my offended tooth and gums heal. Then, the swelling was indeed gone – but a new appointment loomed.

So back to the dentist. He walks in, says “hello,” and wants to take a quick peek. I'm thinking, “okay, go ahead” – and then I will ask him about what he plans to do today. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way because while he was still looking around, he started to drill, and then poked into my tooth with something that he kept turning. By the way, this hurt like HELL!!! Then I was sent for an X-ray and when I was about to briefly close my mouth, the assistant quickly said, “don’t close your mouth, there’s a needle in it.” SAY WHAT?????? Except that I couldn’t talk with that thing stuck in my mouth – but at least it would have explained the pain.

Back to the “torture chair.” Looking at the screen with the photos, it said “vital extirpation” (= ????) in front in small letters.

After that, the needle was pulled out and he poked around in my tooth – or, rather, the nerve – with various needles for about 15 minutes, rinsing every now and then. I lost an estimated three liters of cold sweat but, unfortunately, not my ability to feel pain! Then, something else that was disgustingly pungent was put in, covered with some compound, and finally, with the same white paste on top. And stating that I should be “careful with that – don’t eat or drink anything for an hour,” he was gone. Then I went to make the next appointment, which will be in four weeks!!! However, I don’t have the feeling that this will last for four weeks, but he’s on vacation.

Well, that was a bit much for one message, but maybe you could shine some light onto this mystery. Was that a root canal treatment??? Why wait four weeks when I have read everywhere that it takes no more than a week? And how long should it hurt – after all, the nerve is dead now, isn’t it?
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Posted by: marnie  (11 years ago)
Thank you very much for the quick answer!

However, my problem is that the doctor is on vacation for four weeks now, and I have a tingling feeling in my tooth that usually starts around noon. Could this be a sign of an infection or something like that? And most of all, the temporary white paste he put on top has almost completely come off already – it’ll never last for four weeks!!