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Root canal and crown problems

User Level:
Posted by: airbuz  (9 years ago)
Hi everyone,

My tooth #18 had broken off about two years ago. I neglected it because it did not bother me at all. About two months ago, the remaining part of the tooth broke again. It only left a stump in my gum. My jaw on that side started to hurt. Occasionally, when the pain is at its worst, it can shoot up into my ear and even extend to my eyes.

I went to the dentist two months ago who said I needed a root canal done. He also told me I had an infection in the jawbone and put me on Clindamycin. After a week, I went back to him for the root canal. Despite the numbing medication, I still felt pain but we went on with the procedure. When he was done, he put a temporary crown then sent me home.

I got problems with the temporary crown. It was painful since I got it. Anything hot or cold would send me through the roof. The dentist did some adjustments but the pain and sensitivity did not go away. I had the temporary crown for nearly one month. The other day, I went to the dentist again to get my permanent crown. He did not give me any numbing injection when he first attempted to remove the temporary crown. It sent me through the roof. He then gave me a shot, which did not take effect. He tried again but I can still feel the pain. After giving me three shots without effect, he finally had to use a saw to take the temporary crown off my tooth. Why a tooth that had a root canal would give me so much pain?

Anyway, I got the permanent crown on. After some adjustments, it felt like it was not fitted properly. It does not seem to fit over my whole tooth. The crowned tooth hurts and I can’t eat on that side. It also hurts so badly to pressure. Is this normal for a newly placed crown or do I need to go back to the dentist? Any comments would be great.
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)

When a tooth that has been infected and broken it is already traumatized and sensitized for pain. When the dentist does RCT on the tooth and prepares it to hold a crown the tooth gets further traumatized and will some time to calm down. Yes, when pulp gets removed we would think the tooth should not send any pain signals but we forget to consider the tissues and bone around the teeth that still have nerve fibers that transmit pain.
You should revisit your dentist and have them take a radiograph to see if everything is all right and weather the previous infection has cleared. Ask to have your bite checked and note the fact that you do not think the crown fits right. You can also seek a second opinion.

Pain should be gradually diminishing if everything is healing normally and you do not have persistent infection lingering around.