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Root Canal and Crown or Just Crown?

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Posted by: Kristy17  (9 years ago)
Not sure what to do. For about 9 months 2nd from the back upper left molar has been cold/sweet sensitive. Mostly on the outside side near the gumline where the gum is a little receeded, but also the chew surface. 6 months ago I went to the dentist for the tooth discomfort because I then think I cracked same tooth on a nut. Sent to endo. Endo didnt see crack on xray, but my description and bite test showed signs of a crack. Endo wasnt sure if I should do root canal or just crown, but was leaning towards crown. She didnt take my dental plan. Went to another endo who said due to sensitivity should do root canal and crown, did a new xray but didnt see any sign of crack or infection. Went to 3rd endo today, free consult and less expensive services (written up as a top doc in my area). Looked at previous xray from almost 2 months ago, didnt see anything. Says just do a crown, that will take care of crack and sensitivity pain. But no guarantee wont need a root canal in the future, yet wont do what he called a "preventative root canal" because the pulp nerve looks fine. Do I go to the endo who will do the root canal and crown, or take the risk of just doing the crown, hoping that clears the pain? I am just thinking maybe there is still going to be pain after just a crown. I want to trust the top notch doc but when he says no guarantee, it makes me think its worth doing the root canal. The tooth hurts at times just doing nothing. Yikes! Thanks for any of your opinions.
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Trust the dentist you know gave you good advice ie get the crown without the endo (root canal) Root canal reatments can never be thought of as 100% reliable so if you dont need it done dont do it. Also if needed access to root canal can be gained through the crown and the crown may be safer to retain the rubber dam than a cracked untreated tooth. Incidentally teeth will often crack in a plane which makes radiographic detection nigh on impossible. Crown highly likely to work on its own good luck.
Posted 9 years ago