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Root canal after a crown

User Level:
Posted by: arvin234  (6 years ago)
Hi all,

I have had an amalgam filling on one of my molars six months ago. I think the filling is too big that it puts pressure on the tooth. Last week, the filled tooth cracked. My dentist said he will remove the crown, have a root canal done and put the crown back on after. I find this quite expensive and painful. I would rather have this tooth pulled out than go through the painful procedure. What do you guys think of this? I look forward for your opinion.
User Level:
Posted by: Ciindy  (6 years ago)
This is commone with amalgam. The amalgam fillings expand and contract, allowing bacteria in, causing redecay and fracturing. Amalgam is the cheapest filling and has the least sensitivity causing agents, but in the long run a bonded filling is better because it won't expand and contract. HOWEVER, bonded fillings do seem to cause more sensitivity which will either get better with time, or get worse causing possible nerve issues.

Anyway, back to the ?. It is not the dentist's fault that this happenned to your tooth because of the commonality of amalgam causing fracturing. However, if the choice is a root canal, you can choose to have an extraction instead.

Extrating teeth is not ideal because the other teeth can move into the space of the extracted tooth causing other more serious problems.

The best choice in the long run is to save the tooth and if this requires a root canal and crown, then that is your best choice. If money is a problem, you might be able to have a long-term temporary crown made for a couple hundred dollars and see if that can get you by for awhile. It might buy you time to save up for the root canal followed by the crown.
User Level:
Posted by: missme  (6 years ago)
Yes, extraction should be the last resort. My dentist would always encourage me to save a tooth whenever I have one which needs treatment. Discuss your problem with your dentist. He might allow you to pay in installment or look for one who accepts installment payments.
User Level:
Posted by: sunflower  (6 years ago)
Hi Arvin!

Root canal treatment is not painful. You will be numbed during the procedure so pain is not an issue. I agree with missme, save the tooth if it can still be saved. I would go for the best option recommended by the dentist to avoid any problem in the future.