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Reinfection after a root canal?

User Level:
Posted by: Noel1331  (8 years ago)
Hello everyone!

I had a tooth which was badly infected and had a collection of pus underneath it. I went to the dentist who immediately performed a root canal on the tooth. He said my bite was slightly changed because of the infected tooth.

It's been two days since the root canal treatment and I noticed that my gums around the root canal treated tooth are very much swollen. They bleed easily. I woke up this morning with a slight fever. I now get a bit of nausea. Is it possible that I still have an infection? After the the root canal procedure, the dentist sent me on my way without any prescriptions for antibiotics or painkillers. Should I ask for a prescription of antibiotics from him? Please help!!! Thanks a lot!
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (8 years ago)
Hello Noel1331,

After the root canal treatment it takes some time for the tooth and tissues to calm down and for the infection to be cleared. By doing the RCT, cleaning and sterilizing the area will help stop bacterial spread and allow our body to fight it off.

You should have been recalled after the RCt to make everything went well and all the canals are properly sealed. If you still have ongoing infection you should definitely go back to your dentist and have your tooth reevaluated and if necessary obtain prescription for antibiotics.