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Questions about crowns

User Level:
Posted by: Juderic0719  (9 years ago)
Dear all,

I had fillings on my upper left first and second bicuspids. Food is getting trapped in between these teeth and I mentioned this problem to the dentist during my dental cleaning appointment. She checked on them and said, I got cavity under the fillings and I should crown them. I agreed and had booked an appointment.

When I went in to get the crowns, she drilled off both teeth and rebuild stubs to put the crown on. After the stubs were done, she took an impression and made a temporary tooth. She filed and worked a bit on it and put it as one tooth. I was not comfortable with it. It was too high, my bite was way off and the edges were rough. I mentioned this to her and and she grind away some parts more. She also filed down the opposing bottom teeth and when I asked her why, she said they were too pointy. She cleaned up the edges and sent me on my way.

Two days after the procedure, the crown broke off. The teeth were painful and my left jaw is starting to ache. I called my dentist's office but they said she's out for two days. Did she drill away most of the temporary crown? I am very much concerned that the permanent crown will not match up to the lower teeth because they were already altered. Please advise me on what to do. Many thanks!
User Level:
Posted by: mdhola  (9 years ago)
HI there,
Many times temporary crown can break off depending on the material used. However they must be replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid sensitivity as well as to avoid irritation to gums. Most of time especially with the temporary crown it is better to adjust crown itself rather than adjusting pristine opposing tooth/teeth. however with the permanent crown some dentist might smoothen out opposing teeth in order to avoid remaking new crown! But for the temporary i would normally not recommend the reducing the opposing tooth unless the opposing tooth is too high as compare to there adjacent teeth or it also needs crown on it.

Pain you have it might be because of high crown or sometimes also because of sensitivity if not cemented well in place. Please visit your dentist soon and replace the temporary as soon as feasible.
User Level:
Posted by: Juderic0719  (9 years ago)
Hi Mdhola, Your answer helped me a lot. Many thanks!