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Pulling teeth with anesthesia without adrenalin!?

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Posted by: estel  (9 years ago)

Well, I had to have three teeth (two retained roots and a partially retained wisdom tooth) pulled in Italy after all. In the end, it was unavoidable!

Because of my huge fear and feelings of panic, I asked for anesthesia WITHOUT adrenalin. I was also connected to a heart monitor in order to calm me down. I have to say that my body reacted really well to it; there were no palpitations or anything else. The dentist gave me a lot of injections, which was fine, too. He said he had to do it. It was only at the rear wisdom tooth, which had only partially erupted and broken off, at least the visible part, that I have to say that I DID feel what he was doing. To some extent, it was quite painful and I thought he would dislocate my jaw because he had a hard time with the lever and pliers. Afterwards, they were all really amazed because the root was twisted with hooks and a wrinkled-up bag hung from it; at least that’s what it looked like.

My QUESTION is: Is it normal, to feel so much pain? He injected two vials and had to add another dose in the back. And then when the last tooth – the wisdom tooth – was out, I immediately felt pain! So he broke a third vial in order to decrease the pain.

About 12 years ago, I visited a dentist in Vienna, also because of retained roots that had to be extracted, but he went about it differently. He explained to me that he would saw up the remains. He explained to me that this was done by a type of drill with a kind of spring attached to it and that I would not feel anything. And it was really as he said; I did not feel the sawing. He then used pliers and tweezers in order to get the remains out and I could hardly feel it. It was a lot gentler and faster.

My question is: What do you call this? Is this still being done the same way today?

Because I still have another five retained roots stuck in the upper jaw – and among these are some LARGE, FAT CHUNKS – now my fear is that it will be the same as it was with the other three, i.e., the planing and the terrible pulling with the pliers, which makes me feel like my jaw is being dislocated.

Unfortunately, this brought back my FEAR of my next dental visit.

What do other patients who don’t get ANY injection with adrenalin due to an allergy or some other complication do? They must be dying of pain when a tooth is pulled.

Thank you very much,