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Pulling Sensation in the Incisor!

User Level:
Posted by: sharron  (11 years ago)
Good evening,

I have a somewhat strange question: The problem is that I’m experiencing a pulling sensation in my entire upper row of teeth, the left incisor in particular! I first felt it in January; then it was quiet for several weeks, but now it’s really bad again. I don’t feel anything in the morning; it only starts around noon and then it comes and goes!!

A few days ago, I noticed that when I bump my head (my forehead) with my small daughter’s – something she enjoys doing – I experience a pulling sensation in my left incisor!!! That’s impossible, isn’t it? And yesterday, she inadvertently bumped against my cheek (my cheekbone) and again, I experienced a pulling sensation in the tooth.

Today, I also noticed that the pulling sensation is present when I tap my jawbone, which I did deliberately today in order to find out whether the pulling occurs then as well. Could you please tell me what this might be?

On Friday, I saw my dentist and he said that he couldn’t imagine what it could be. He placed ice on the tooth and the tooth reacted to it. My dentist said that if the tooth (and the nerve) reacts to cold, then it’s okay! But it also reacts more sensitively to cold than the other teeth. And when I drink coffee, the upper row of teeth respond with a pulling sensation as well! But when I tap my forehead, the pulling sensation is only in the left upper incisor.

This phenomenon doesn’t let me rest anymore because I keep wondering what it could be. The pulling in the upper jaw is such an unpleasant feeling. The dentist also said that there is no correlation between the forehead, the cheek, and the incisor. I would very much appreciate an answer in order to have some peace of mind. I’m already imagining the worst!!! Thank you and have a nice evening...

P.S.: I’m really afraid because I don’t know what this is...
User Level:
Posted by: sharron  (11 years ago)
First of all, I’m a woman.

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I will follow your advice. So I don’t have to worry about whether there is something in my head causing the pressure, right?

I went for a massage this evening and told my masseuse about the problem with my teeth. She said that there is a connection between the pelvic floor and the incisors!!!

With that in mind, it could also originate from there, but how do I find that out? I would like to get rid of this pulling sensation as fast possible.

I am somewhat sensitive in this area because there have been several brain tumors in my family and so the smallest pulling or pinching in the head makes me fearful that I could have something there as well.

And if it is indeed the tooth necks or the dental nerve, what can I do to make it go away??

But my dentist said that there’s no connection from the incisors up towards the forehead and into the cheek.

I look forward to your answer and wish you a nice evening...

Kind regards,

User Level:
Posted by: sharron  (11 years ago)
Hello, and thank you very much for answering so quickly. Now I am really somewhat calmer than before. But I still have a few questions and I would be very thankful to you if you could answer these as well. You don’t exclude the possibility of a brain tumor completely, do you? Or how should I interpret your answer, “I wouldn’t worry about that?” I am just totally fearful of that; I also plan to have a nuclear magnetic resonance done this year.

As to my pelvis, yes, it seems as though something has not been right since the birth of my 19-month-old daughter, which is why I have to perform pelvic floor exercises. My masseuse is trying to find out what’s wrong with it right now, so it could be that something is awry.

If you think that it’s the tooth necks, then I wonder why my dentist didn’t address that. He did say that he can’t explain what is causing the pulling. He didn’t take any X-rays or anything like that. And then, there are also nerves in the face that are apparently connected with it!

Now, one more question: At the end of May, we’ll go on vacation by plane, and, if possible, I would prefer to have this done after my vacation, because I would like to enjoy my holiday and not fly while in pain, e.g., having just undergone a root canal treatment (which he has already proposed to do if it doesn’t go away). So, if I don’t do anything about it for so long, could it get worse than it already is??? I don’t want to experience any problems during my holiday.

I think those were really all the questions I wanted to ask.

Once again, thank you very much.

I hope you have nice day...
User Level:
Posted by: sharron  (11 years ago)
Good evening – I can’t even catch up with you; your answers are so fast.

I want to have the nuclear magnetic resonance done because I suffer from frequent headaches and I finally want to know what’s going on and be able to sleep well again. However, the headaches could also come from the fact that I smoke a lot and that I don’t drink enough throughout the day. I already had a nuclear magnetic resonance done five years ago and there was a "focus of inflammation” in my head; I would like to know what happened to this “focus!”

I do experience dizzy spells sometimes, but as I said, I simply don’t drink enough...

But other than that, I’m doing fine – apart from the pulling in the teeth, that is.

But for my age (26), I see doctors quite often and have been operated on quite a lot. As I said, every ache and pain puts the fear of God in me. And I think I fall into the category of my mother. She also had a brain tumor and every disease imaginable such as asthma, pretty much every allergy there is, damaged spinal discs, an over – or under(?) – active thyroid, hay fever, etc. etc. etc.

We fought the tumor for a long time with her – more than 12 years – but in the end, the tumor won...

And so, since I saw that for 12 years day after day (seizures, too), I’m simply afraid.

I always hear that I should not concentrate so much on it; that I’m still so young and healthy and blah, blah, blah... But it’s not that easy to not think about something like that!

And since I’ve never had any problems with my teeth, I just wonder about that as well...

It will be okay!!! I wish you a nice evening...

Kind regards,

User Level:
Posted by: sharron  (11 years ago)
Hello, I want to thank you once more. You really gave me courage to walk down the path a bit further...

I will definitely follow your advice. I have just made an appointment with my dentist for Monday. I will tell him about your suggestions and then we’ll see how we’ll proceed. I wish you a nice weekend...

Kind regards,

User Level:
Posted by: sharron  (11 years ago)

I just want to inform you that I saw my dentist again two days ago and that he didn’t do anything, simply nothing!!!

He said I should wait a couple more weeks because maybe a nerve is pulling back, and then we will see. But the least he could have done would be to take an X-ray, right?

I also told him about all the things you suggested, but he said, “No, there would be other symptoms then.” And he had never heard of a pulling sensation in the teeth because a knock on the head and, by now, on the body!

I have one more question. About five weeks ago, I went to a different dentist and he made a new, large filling in the light incisor on the upper jaw because only half the tooth was left there (it broke off during a car accident seven years ago). Could it be that he may not have executed the filling correctly or that he injured the nerve during the drilling? I didn’t feel anything then, of course, as I had gotten an injection.

But my dentist doesn’t know that the filling next to the incisor (that is pulling so much) was replaced.

I’m sure he saw it, but he didn’t address it.

Kind regards,