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Prophy jet Vs. Cavitron

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Posted by: zalmunifi  (9 years ago)

What is the difference between a device named Prophy Jet and a device named Cavitron? which is the newer technology and which would you recommend? is there a vast difference between them that justifies searching for a dentist who has a certain one?
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They are completely different instruments.

A Cavitron is a type of ultrasonic scaler. For the technical-minded, it uses an electro-constrictive stack to produce tiny vibrations in the tip of the instrument. These are ultrasonic vibrations, typically at 25 or 30 thousand vibrations per second, depending on the exact model of cavitron. The tip moves through a tiny figure-of-eight motion, extremely rapidly. There is also a water spray, which cools the stack and washes away the debris as it cleans. This is used for removing dental calculus, the hard deposits that build up on teeth, also called tartar.

The Prophy-Jet would have no effect on dental calculus. It is essentially a device for removing surface staining, especially in little nooks and crannies on tooth surfaces. It uses a fine powder and a water spray to "jet wash" the teeth. The powder is usually calcium carbonate, and is a fine abrasive. This is really just a fancy tooth polishing system.

I would not recommend seeking a dentist's office just because they have one or the other device. Much more important is finding somewhere that has a hygienist who will take the time to show you how to clean your teeth and gums effectively at home. If you do this properly everyday, it is MUCH more efficient than getting a cleaning every six months!

Just imagine you had a Ferrari or a Porsche. Would you wash it carefully by hand every couple of days, or would you take it to a really expensive automatic car wash once every six months?

Cleaning your own teeth properly every day is going to be a thousand times better than any fancy gizmo in the dentist's office once every six months!

Richard from
Posted 9 years ago