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Problem with plaque and molar getting smaller

User Level:
Posted by: fallout  (9 years ago)
Hello Checkdent,

My molar on the bottom of my mouth was extracted and I have not eaten on that side for about two months. But now I have a plaque on the area where I haven't eaten, it's actually nearly covered in plaque. What should I do with it? I also observed that my top mollar is getting smaller. I think brushing it wears the enamel off thus making it smaller. How can I prevent this? Thank you in advance for your answers!
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You should be brushing and eating on the side where the extraction was done. 2 months is much more than enough healing time. 2 weeks should be enough. Chewing food helps keep plaque from building up on the teeth as does brushing. When brushing, it is important to brush gently and not for too long. Teeth should not feel very slick and smooth after brushing due to a pellicle of protein which builds up on them. Your top molar shouldn't be 'getting smaller' just with brushing. This is probably just a feeling that you have. You should have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year and if it has been 6 months since you have had this done you should get it done now to get the extraction side of your mouth in good shape again. You should also be flossing daily. It only takes 1 and a half days for plaque to harden into tartar, which can't be removed by brushing and flossing but can be removed with a professional cleaning of your teeth.
Posted 9 years ago
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Posted by: ozonepure  (9 years ago)
Your gum seems irritated that is why you have a feeling that your molar is getting smaller. Brush properly in circular motion, floss everyday and rinse with mouthwash.
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Hello fallout!

The dental plaque should be removed, ideally through a professional dental cleaning procedure.

During your dental cleaning you should be advised as to whether your brushing technique has any flaws; and if so, rectify any problems accordingly!

All the best!
LG M.C. Hurtarde
Posted 9 years ago
User Level:
Posted by: fallout  (9 years ago)
Thank you for your posts. :-) I think I definitely need a deep teeth cleaning and will get it done asap.