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Persistent infection

User Level:
Posted by: pleasehelpme  (9 years ago)
Hello Doc!

Three months ago, I suddenly had a pain like an electric shock shoot down a tooth on the upper rigth side and into my jaw. After afew minutes it went away. Since then, I noticed that my tooth hurts with anything hot or cold. Since I only felt a little pain on the tooth, I ignored it. Three weeks ago, I had a slight fever. I woke up the
next day with a sore jaw and I could barely move it. The pain was unbearable. My cheeks had swelled a bit and my gums were very sore. I went to the dentist, he took X-ray and he said I may have a very small abscess but he could not tell which tooth it was on the X-ray. He put me on antibiotics. I finished the given course but the pain has not gone so I went back to the dentist. He tapped my teeth and said, it was the premolar tooth that was infected and I would need a root canal treatment done.

He began the root canal and put in a temporary filling after the procedure. He gave me one week supply of antibiotics and sent me on my way. A few days ago, he removed the temporary filling, cleaned and dug it out to kill the bacteria. He then put in the permanent filling and sent me home. After about 9 hours, I was in agonizing pain. It was coming from the filled tooth. I waited for two days hoping that it will settle down but the pain became intense, my face was swollen to the eye. I went back to the dentist. He removed the filling out but nothing drained. He then cut into my gums and drained the pus out, it had a very foul smell. He increased my antibiotics. He said he will re-fill the root canal once the infection calms down. Can you tell me what went wrong? Everything seemed fine after the root canal and the temporary filling then suddenly, I had all these problems after the permanent filling was put in. I am still very much swollen. I'm starting to worry that the infection keep feeding itself and no amount if antibiotics can kill it. I am also afraid to lose this tooth in the end. Please help!!! I would be very grateful for any advice you can give me.
User Level:
Posted by: ghnane  (9 years ago)
Infections are caused by bacteria that penetrate deep into tissue or enter the pulp through demineralizing hard tooth structure. Out body responds by mounting an immune response against the bacteria and classic signs are swelling, redness, and pain due to the compression of nerves in that area.
Clearing any infection takes time and antibiotics are supposed to help us fight the bacteria and for different people it takes different times to win over the bacterial infection.
In your case draining the area will help facilitate the clean up process. A tooth can look all healthy but you can develop and abscess at the root tip.
Give it some time for things to calm down and get root canal retreatment as your dentist mentioned.

If RCT fails your only other option would be extraction in which case you can consider getting an implant to close the gap.

I hope you are doing much well now.
User Level:
Your dentist did nothing wrong. Occasionally in doing a root canal, virulent bacteria get pushed out the end of the root. Occasionally, the body's immune response is not quick enough to overcome the rapid bacterial growth. Almost always, lancing the swelling and letting the pus drain out is all that is necessary to clear the infection. Antibiotics can help, but the fact is that about 30% of the bacteria out there are antibiotic resistant.
Posted 9 years ago